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Deploy Nibble in minutes


250 Negotiations / mo

  • Shopify App only
  • Management Dashboard – optimize negotiations for more conversions or better margins
  • Negotiate on single products or on whole store
  • Receive and manually counter customer offers after failed negotiations by email
  • Customisable Button


AI negotiation chatbot
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1,000 Negotiations / mo

  • All Features from BASIC plan
  • WooCommerce and Magento integration
  • Whole Cart Negotiation
  • Exit Intent & Dwell Time Triggers
  • Offer gifts with purchase in chat
  • Product bundle offers in chat
  • Generate unique links to custom Nibble offers, perfect for email campaigns

$29 / mo

With 1 month free trial


Unlimited Negotiations

  • All Features from PRO plan
  • API Access
  • Marketplace-specific features
  • Algorithm Optimisation
  • Custom advanced dashboard and reporting
  • Custom feature development
  • Premium Support

2% of converted sales

Variable based on volume
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Nibble is a fun, friendly chatbot – of course it plays well with others 

Frequently asked questions

How do I install Nibble?


If you are on Shopify, install the app by clicking here and follow the instructions. If you have any issues (or would prefer us to do it for you) email us at hello@nibble.team and we can request access to your store to do it for you. This service is completely free.


If you're on WooCommerce or Magento, Nibble can be installed in minutes with our respective plugins, no coding required. Contact us so we can get you set up.


If you're not on Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, we have an API that is simple to use. Please contact us and we will provide you with documentation and credentials.

What information does Nibble need to start working?


Nibble only needs to know the maximum discount you're willing to give, and your objective:


  • Improve Conversion. Nibble will agree more deals closer to your maximum discount.
  • Improve Margin. Nibble will try to agree deals at a better margin for you, and offer your maximum discount less often.
  • Balance Performance. Nibble will act independently between these two presets. Not too hot, not too cold – just right. 
Does Nibble have to appear on all of my products?


No, it can be easily toggled on/off for different categories or individual products as needed. It can also be activated on user behaviours like dwell time, number of visits to a page and exit intent.

Can I customise the appearance of Nibble to fit in with my brand?


The Negotiate button is fully customisable to fit in with your brand UI – you can change the shape, colour and font as needed.

Is there any risk when using Nibble?


In rare circumstances, Nibble might negotiate itself a position at your company as a new member of staff. It’ll be the best hire you ever made, though.


But seriously, it can be as targeted as you need it to be so there's no risk of Nibble affecting your full-price sales. Win-win.