How Nibble Works

Nibble is built by a team of academically-trained experts in negotiation, behavioural science and conversational design focused on delivering win-win outcomes at scale.

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What makes Nibble the perfect negotiation agent?

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    Pricing Algorithms

    Custom-built algorithms determine bids by considering various factors such as the previous bot offer, the user's last offer, the length of the negotiation, and more. 


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    Negotiation Techniques

    Nibble deploys techniques based on behavioural science and negotiation theory. These tactics recognize specific user behaviours and adapt the bot's behaviour in response.

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    Custom-built NLU

    Designed from the ground up specifically for negotiation, the bot understands and responds to user's offers, reasons and their own negotiation techniques. 

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A unique approach to controlling varied, empathetic responses

A unique approach to controlling varied, empathetic responses

  • Atomic_Copy

    Atomic Copy

    Nibble responses are composed of 'Atoms' that can all fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces, encouraging variety in responses and conversations that feel human.

  • GenAtoms

    Generative Atoms

    A hybrid approach to generative AI empowers Nibble to respond to unique messages while mitigating risks traditionally associated with LLMs.


Key Negotiation Techniques in Nibble


    Anchoring (1)


    Uses evidence-based behavioural nudges to guide the negotiation process.




    Draws on nobel-prize winning work on framing to ensure language is aligned with user's mental models.



    Active Listening

    Uses visual cues, like reactions or acknowledgement messages, convey Nibble is listening to the user. 



    Tactical Timing

    Uses delays and pauses to convey thinking time, designed to anthropomorphise Nibble so conversations feel human.



    Reason Deployment

    Justifies offers and requests with brand-specific reasons that improve the likelihood of agreeing a deal.



    Uses an empathetic tone and unique responses to establish emotional connections with users, making them feel understood and valued. 

Coached by Negotiation Academics

Nibble is trained by negotiation experts to understand, respond and react to key concepts around negotiation, including conditional offers and BATNAs. Our team includes Niro Sivanathan – award-winning professor of negotiation for 20 years – from Kellogg, Cornell and London Business School.

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Promote brand values and reasons within negotiations for more deals

Academic research into behavioural science shows giving a reason behind any offer improves the likelihood of it being accepted. Nibble uses your own brand values in the chat to justify offers or requests and agree more deals faster.


How Nibble uses generative AI 

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