Deliver win-win negotiations at scale


Nibble lets you offer one-to-one ecommerce negotiations to every customer for an unforgettable experience.

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What Nibble does for D2C & marketplace ecommerce

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    50+% greater AOV

    "Nibble's chats in our brand voice have delivered higher AOVs for lower discounts - and our customers love it."

    Kathleen Loftus, Global Digital Director


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    22.5% less discount

    "With Nibble, we capture customers we would otherwise lose, adding $10,000s of higher margin revenue."

    Johanna Ortiz, Director of eCommerce

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    145% greater conversion

    "We wanted to increase sales on our site and minimize selling fees on other platforms. Nibble allows us to engage customers and drive new sales."

    Eric Mesa, COO & Co-Founder

Meet Nibble

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Memorable transactions that make everyone smile

Memorable transactions that make everyone smile

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    You win

    More sales, clear stock, better margins
    and brand differentiation. 

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    Your customer wins

    Make them feel heard, indulged
    and entertained. 


AI negotiation does better than...

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    Overused voucher codes

    that encourage page abandonment, are hard to track and expire without warning 

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    Inefficient blanket sales

    that damage your brand and perpetuate your own race to the bottom 

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    Annoying email pop-ups

    that interrupt the journey and are quickly unsubscribed from 

Capture otherwise lost sales with smart discounting 

Full price sales are uninterrupted, while Nibble targets undecided customers with the nudge they need to commit to purchase, triggered on exit intent, dwell time, page revisit and more.

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Full control and simple to set up

Easily control the negotiation by setting maximum Discount Thresholds.

Set this as the promotion discount you usually give away, and watch as we secure more conversions at better margin.

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Show Nibble only where
you need it most

Make Nibble available universally, or only on the products or categories that need the most conversion support.

Or use negotiation as a loyalty perk and only make available for VIPs or other cohorts. 


Optimize every negotiation  

Tailor your negotiation stance – aggressive or generous – based on the product, inbound channel, margin, loyalty tier, purchase history and more, and give every customer a negotiation designed specifically for them.


Drive brand values within the negotiations

Personalise the conversation and defend your price point with compelling brand-specific reasons to buy your product. 


Grow AOV by offering personalised pricing 

Offer customers the chance to negotiate their own personal deals in exchange for adding  certain $ value or number of items to their baskets.   

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Nibble is a fun, friendly chatbot – of course it plays well with others 

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