Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Nibble?

What is Nibble & How does it negotiate?


Nibble is a negotiation chatbot. It uses a smart AI algorithm to engage users in a one-on-one discussion about price on the product page. The quickest way to see what Nibble is to try our demo for yourself. 

How much does Nibble cost? Can I get a free trial?


Up to date pricing can be found on our Pricing Page. All plans come with a free trial to get you started and make sure Nibble is working optimally for you. Just fill out the contact form on our website, or email us directly at hello@nibble.team. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours – often much sooner.

Why would I use Nibble, isn’t it just a race to the bottom?


Far from it! Nibble is a personalised negotiation, a back-and-forth between Nibble and the user. As well as users getting a personalised deal in a fun and creative way, Nibble can offer bundles to increase average order value, gather email addresses, throw in a gift with purchase to close a sale, and more.

How good of a negotiator is Nibble?


Nibble may or may not be being considered for use in FBI negotiations. It’s classified; we can neither confirm nor deny.

Can I ask Nibble to play music, add reminders to my calendar, or call a friend?


Siri this, Alexa that. Can’t a negotiation chatbot just be great at what it does without having to be a personal assistant?

My shoppers mostly buy instore. Can I still use Nibble?


Yes; Nibble can provide users with a special verifiable discount code or email they can bring in to your physical store to use their negotiated discounts in person. There is also the option to use QR codes to negotiate automatic discounts in-person. Email us to learn more.

Using Nibble

Does Nibble have to appear on all of my products?


No, it can be easily toggled on/off for different categories or individual products as needed. It can also be activated on user behaviours like dwell time, number of visits to a page and exit intent.

What factors can affect when Nibble displays to a customer?


You can use behavioural factors like exit intents, repeat page visits, or dwell time on pages; display Nibble only on specific product pages; or only display Nibble to loyal customers when they are logged into your site or via magic links in email campaigns.

How does using Nibble affect my profit margins?


Glad you asked! We have found that Nibble mostly agrees deals below the target discount retailers enter; meaning your customers negotiate themselves a personalised deal and you get better margins. Win-win.

Can I customise the appearance of Nibble to fit in with my brand?


The Negotiate button is fully customisable to fit in with your brand UI – you can change the shape, colour and font as needed.

Does Nibble work with all devices and currencies?


Yes! Nibble is fully responsive and works on desktop, tablet and mobile. Nibble is compatible with any currency - we already have clients in the UK, the USA and India.

Is there any risk when using Nibble?


In rare circumstances, Nibble might negotiate itself a position at your company as a new member of staff. It’ll be the best hire you ever made, though.

What happens if users don’t make a deal?


When a deal isn’t reached, Nibble can ask for a user’s email address in case the retailer decides to accept the user’s final offer. Let’s say one user was particularly close to purchasing a high-ticket item, but made an offer just below your accepted range. With a click of a button, you could then email this user and close the sale, even if it would ordinarily be outside of a successful negotiation zone.

How do I know a deal has been made, and ensure the right price is on confirmation emails?


Nibble’s chat interface is embedded into your HTML; once the deal is agreed in the chat, a one-time discount code is generated at checkout once validated from our servers. There are other ways we can implement this process to be tailored to your ecommerce site, as needed.

Can I use Nibble to negotiate a higher salary at my job?


Probably. Give it a go and report back to us.

Can users negotiate on multiple products at once?


Yes! Full negotiation on cart is available and can be toggled on/off easily. 

Can I use Nibble to collect user email addresses?


Yes; Nibble users can be prompted for their email address either partway through negotiations, or if a deal can’t be made in one session. In a recent case study, we found that 41.8% of users supplied their email address once prompted by Nibble.

I’m undecided, do you think Nibble is right for me?


There’s only one way to find out for sure. Book a demo with us - this short free chat can help us look at your ecommerce site and see how Nibble could best be configured to help with your unique goals.

Installation & Configuration

How do I install Nibble?


If you are on Shopify, install the app by clicking here and follow the instructions. If you have any issues (or would prefer us to do it for you) email us at hello@nibble.team and we can request access to your store to do it for you. This service is completely free.


If you're on WooCommerce or Magento, Nibble can be installed in minutes with our respective plugins, no coding required. Contact us so we can get you set up.


If you're not on Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, we have an API that is simple to use. Please contact us and we will provide you with documentation and credentials.

What information do I need to give Nibble for it to start working?


Nibble only needs to know the maximum discount you're willing to give, and your objective:


  • Improve Conversion. Nibble will agree more deals closer to your maximum discount.
  • Improve Margin. Nibble will try to agree deals at a better margin for you, and offer your maximum discount less often.
  • Balance Performance. Nibble will act independently between these two presets. Not too hot, not too cold – just right. 
How do I monitor the discounts Nibble is giving?


The Nibble Dashboard shows you all the key information you need at a glance, including successful purchases, average discount rates and any unsuccessful negotiations. From here, you can adapt your target discount if necessary.

Can I customise what Nibble says?


Yes, Nibble can be adapted with custom copy either written by yourself or by our talented in-house copywriting team. Send us an email for more information on using custom copy.

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