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Experience what it would be like for your customers to win their own special deal 


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Negotiate your preferred price for this smartphone

phone_2 (2)

128GB Smartphone

Titanium Black


How Nibble would work on your own site:

How Nibble would work on your own site:

  • Subtract-1

    Control every negotiation

    Give Nibble its lowest possible offer and instruct it to prioritize conversions or margin protection

  • ico-perk3-hover

    Appears only where you want it

    Make Nibble available site-wide, or only for certain products or categories 

  • list

    Triggered by behaviour

    Appears instantly for everyone, or only on dwell time, exit intent or return visit

  • users


    Offer Nibble only to VIP customers, or traffic from certain geographies, channels, and more

  • star-1

    On brand

    Customize the appearance of the button and even Nibble's tone of voice and content


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