Improve Conversion Clear Stock Improve Engagement Bigger Baskets with AI Negotiation

Nibble is the award-winning chatbot for ecommerce that lets customers make an offer on the product page for instant results. 

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Why brands love Nibble

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    Nudge undecided shoppers into action

    Higher conversions and bigger baskets, with less margin sacrifice than traditional discounting.

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    Appears only when you want it to

    Make Nibble a subscriber-only benefit, product-specific, or trigger only on exit intent or dwell time.

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    Entertained, engaged customers

    Differentiate with a new way to make customers smile, return and share their experience.

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    Excess stock cleared

    Take back control of discounting, protect margins and strike deals based on value, not just price.

Nibble every month

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    25,000+ Chats
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    Agreeing deals with undecided shoppers
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    Saving millions of dollars-worth of lost sales

Meet Nibble

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Nibble achieved 50% improvement in conversion for Lucky Voice

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“Fantastic app, has improved our conversion, and it has created some really great engagement. Would definitely recommend.”

Milo Corke - Head of Ecommerce



*real Nibble user conversations

Your shoppers love Nibble too

See how much it means to your customers when brands hear, indulge and even entertain them.


Nibble is a fun, friendly chatbot – of course it plays well with others 

Let's take back control of
discounting together

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