Meet the Team

Nibble is managed by a team of talented specialists who want to bring the best of in-person negotiations to ecommerce.

Leadership Team

Portrait Rosie

Rosie Bailey

Co-Founder & CEO

Rosie is an ex-investment banker of 20 years and a maths graduate from Oxford. At Nibble, she is responsible for strategy, growth, sales & marketing and she leads on data analytics and the development of Nibble’s underlying algorithm.

Rosie met Jamie at London Business School in 2019 during their Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy. Nibble was a LBS incubator company 2020/2021. She is a passionate supporter for STEM education through chair and board roles at STEM Learning, an education not-for-profit.

Portrait Jamie

Jamie Ettedgui

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Jamie is an established digital entrepreneur, working as the CTO for fashion brand JOSEPH before founding his own digital ecommerce agency Appnova in 2006. At Nibble, he is responsible for strategy, growth, and he is the creative lead for long-term product development.

Jamie met Leo and Sam whilst working at his ecommerce agency. After selling Appnova, Jamie completed the Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy at London Business School, where he met Rosie and founded Nibble.

Portrait Leo

Leonida Alfieri

Co-Founder & CPO

Leo comes from a design background, having been Product Designer and Digital Creative Director for several digital agencies over 20 years. At Nibble, he is responsible for Product Design and leads on User Experience.

Leo met Jamie in 2008 when working together at Jamie’s digital agency. They worked on over 150 projects ranging from branding, websites, apps, digital marketing and social media campaigns. Leo is passionate about visual arts, loves cinema and is a great fan of space exploration.

Portrait Sam

Sam Lunn


Sam has over 20 years of experience in web applications development and technical leadership. At Nibble, he leads the development team and is responsible for product software development, infrastructure scaling and security.

Sam met Jamie and Leo whilst working at a prior technology start-up.

Advisory Team

Portrait Benj

Benjamin Chilcott

Growth Advisor

Benj is Nibble's chief connector and expert adviser for sales, marketing and growth. He has over 25 years experience working as both consultant and founder and a talent for joining dots others don't necessarily see. He has been entrepreneur / NED / shareholder in approximately 16 businesses - 4 successful exits, 3 businesses didn't make it...

Benj is passionate about sport, especially cricket.

Profile Niro

Niro Sivanathan

Negotiation Expert

Rosie and Jamie met Niro through London Business School. He is working with us on honing Nibble's negotiating skills, based on implementing cutting edge research and evidence from behavioural science. Niro is a Canadian citizen and studied for his PhD at Kellogg.

You are welcome join the 2 million people who have already watched his highly persuasive TED talk.



Tim Willers

Head of Conversation Design

Tim oversees the conversations handled by Nibble – writing the copy for responses, monitoring conversations to ensure they meet quality standards, and working with clients to make sure conversations feel on-brand and engaging. He is accredited by the Conversation Design Institute and has spoken about his work at conferences both in-person and online. 


Tom Sidorowicz

Software Developer

Tom has previous experience in financial data analytics, backed by an advanced degree and published research in AI. At Nibble, he is responsible for back-end feature development while also offering support with data analysis and machine learning.

Portrait Nibble


Negotiation Chatbot

Nibble is our Chatbot, and we wouldn’t be a team without them. Nibble was born in 2019 and quickly impressed their creators with quick wit, charm, and a very humble attitude. They’re responsible for negotiating fair, personalised deals and giving customers and retailers great experiences.

Outside of work, Nibble is passionate about continuing education and improving their AI capabilities.