Drop the guesswork: Getting your promo strategy right for Q4

A 25-minute webinar that will give you everything you need to prevent your Golden Quarter discounting strategy damaging your brand and accelerating your own race to the bottom.

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Wednesday 20th September @ 2pm UK / 9am EST 

Co-hosted by Nibble and Leaf

Recordings will be made available afterwards







What your competitors are up to


Make Q4 about margin, not just sales


How - and how not - to build your Q4 promo strategy 

An insider's view of your competitors' current discount strategies, and what Q4 is likely to look like.



Avoid over-discounting and the race to the bottom.

Instead, learn how little discount is actually required to encourage your customers to buy - even in Q4.


Behind the scenes observations direct from the front line of online retailers' Q4 planning cycles.




Save your place now!

Give us 25 minutes and we will show you:


...More about your competitors' discounting strategies than you've ever known before. 

users...How price-sensitive your customers are, and exactly what price they are willing to pay.

coin...How to plan a more profitable Q4 - more sales at better margins.


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